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The Conference in Stade

Where once Hanseatic ships were unloaded, you will now find inviting cafés directly on the waterfront.
Right next door, small shops in the alleys of the old town tempt you to take a relaxed stroll. The best way to discover the charm of 
this enchanting Hanseatic city in the middle of the holiday region “Altes Land am Elbstrom”.


Stade offers a certain selection of hotel rooms in various price categories. Participants of the ISCM 2021 are free to choose their accommodation and we kindly ask you to make all bookings directly with the hotel. Accommodation is not included in the conference and registration fee. For most hotel reservations, a valid credit card is required to guarantee the booking. We also advise you to check the cancellation conditions with the hotel at the time of booking/reservation of the accommodation. The following hotels are located near the event location and/or are easily accessible by public transport:

Hotel recommendations
Please note that in the context of Corona Covid 19, hotels in Stade may only be able to provide limited hotel capacity. Please contact the hotels directly for more information. 


Hotel "Stadthafen" Stade
Kommandantendeich 1-3, 21680 Stade

Phone 1:  +49 414 99970
This hotel offers single room bookings as well 
as booking of apartments.

Credit: HotelCombined

Credit: HotelsCombined

H+ Hotel Stade Herzog Widukind
Große Schmiedestraße 14, 21682 Stade

Phone:  +49 4141 99980

There are are single (starts at 90,00 € per night/ room) and double rooms 
(starts at 110,00 € per night/ room) available for booking in the hotel. 

Credit: H+ Hotel Stade Widukind

Parkhotel Stader Hof
Schiffertorsstraße 8, 21682 Stade

Phone: +49 4141 4990

There are are single (starts at 95,00 € per night/ room) and double rooms 
(starts at 125,00 € per night/ room) available for booking in the hotel. 

Credit: Agoda